Thursday, December 17, 2009

iDance meets Cortland

The past week SUNY Cortland has been lucky enough to experience excergames fitness. Excergames fitness is a technology based excersising program that combines video games with physical activity. In class we were able to experience the iDance (see youtube video below) and on Friday were able to experiment with other systems. Some systems included riding a bike that makes a car drive, running on a stepmaster to move your players on a basketball game and a boxing bag that generates a fighting video game. The technology was unreal and something I have never experienced before! Unfortuantely I was unable to attend a workshop held on Monday and Wednesday night because of prior obligations but I talked to others who attended and had a blast working with the system.

My personal favorite was the game where you rode a bike that generated your car and you were able to control the steering. If you stopped pedalling, then your car stopped moving. By the end of the game my legs were cramped, I was covered in sweat and completly motivated to try again and beat my previous score (I was unable to find pictures, but will hopefully be back with some soon!). It was also fun to play with the iDance but more importantly, interesting to learn how the system worked and it's capabilities!

If you would like to follow the men of Excergames they are on twitter and can follow them - I just joined and am already addicted! It was exciting to have the opportunity to experiencing such technology and learning a new outlet to exercising!


  1. Great article Amy! EXERGAME FITNESS was proud to be there to support Stephen Yang and his research study on the iDANCE product that was develoPositive Gaming. We here at Exergame Fitness believe that iDANCE is the future of keeping kids healthy and active while they have fun! iDANCE is one of our top products that gives Schools and YMCA's a product that delivers such positive benefits. Look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Thanks for supporting my students Tommy. It was a blast to have you in Chilly Cortland!