Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spirals all around

I think I did a decent job in my short lesson on throwing a football. After reviewing my transcript I thought I explained the task clearly and there wasn't any misunderstanding by the students. Another positive was I noticed that my cues were easy to remember, short and to the point. Although, I strained to hear myself throughout the video and the camera was not very far away. If the camera can not hear me from a close distance, students in the back cannot hear or understand what is being said. After my lesson I thought I gave good feedback to students but was disappointed when I filled out my feedback analysis chart. The chart showed I only got around to four students and my feedback was not entirely congruent to my cues. However, I did use intratask variation with students who excelled immediately with throwing a football to challenge their skill more. I think I did use many of the tools effectively, such as intratask variation, which is extremely important to maintaining order and safety in the classroom. One of my main concerns was my time management. My time coding sheet revealed only 1/3 of my lesson was spent with students engaged in activity while the other 2/3 was management. I also did not maximize on my full four minutes and ended almost an entire minute early. I hope to use this knowledge to better my teaching in the future and provide an efficient, fun classroom for my students.

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